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Special Projects

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Mentoring to Girls and Young Women

Mentoring and ministry to young women helps them have a good foundation in life. There are many things that come against young women to lower the odds of success. Our mentoring programs and ministry to youth are transformational. Being a Christian organization our mentoring is Bible-based. We mentor women of all ages in spiritual growth but also specific areas of life such as business, leadership and other areas. We plan to improve our mentoring program in several ways.

Youth programs involve out reach to schools and through social media . Our objective is to grow, improve, establish and have an impact on youth.

To achieve this strategic objective, AAAW seeks to:

a. Continue Mentoring & other youth programs at these levels:

1. Ministry to youth in secondary schools where AAAW using our 8- week mentoring curriculum.

⁃ Schools mentoring will be achieved through girls’ camps, specials events, life - planning seminars and other activities.

2. Ministry to young women in Tertiary institution: where special meetings and relationships are made and fostered

⁃ Activities here will include life planning seminars and other special events.

3. Ministry to young adults through trainings special conferences and other activities.

4. Online mentoring and activities: AAAW will continue using social media applications to connect and mentor young women

⁃ These include a virtual Life- planning seminar that happens in April on WhatsApp; a three-month mentoring program for youth on WhatsApp; a mentoring program for singles, conversations , counseling , events and other avenues.

5. Face-to-face , long term relationships: along the way through meetings and other means AAAW will connect with young women with whom our volunteers will establish long term relationships .

b. Train volunteers to mentor and be involved in outreaches.

⁃ Training will continue to mostly happen online

⁃ There are two main trainings relevant : training for mentors & mentoring program for leaders.

Special Projects: Programs
Special Projects: Programs


AAAW is deliberate about empowering women in various  skills through seminars and trainings.

Trainings are held in person and online in areas  such as leadership, business, family and others.

Many of the trainings and teachings already build self-esteem and a knowledge base to help bring leadership qualities out of women.

AAAW also inspires women towards self-sufficiency and income generation. To this point end we hold every year business trainings where some sponsored participants are upcoming entrepreneurs.

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